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An Evening of Odds

11 October 2017

The grand ballroom in G Gurney, Penang exuded a sense of luxury and glam. Red, black, white and gold further complement the magnificent atmosphere of “Casino Royale”, a perfect theme for MPLEX’s 15th Anniversary Dinner.

As the clock stroke six, members of MPLEX and invited guests gradually sauntered into the “house”, towards the reception, to claim their lucky chips. While waiting for the event to begin, staff and guests conversed with one another over cocktails and snacks. The photo booth became a hotspot for guests to take instant photographs as mementos.


I am proud to see how much we have learned and grown in the past 15 years.

Vincent Ang


Dinner started off with a flamboyant cabaret show by Catvogue and subsequently, a journey down MPLEX’s 15 years of service by the Managing Director, Vincent. However, such nostalgic feeling from the speech was quickly shot down by a team of “not-so-secret” agents from G Hotel with their food presentation.

Throughout the dinner, staff and guests were entertained by games, performances, and the witty host, Alan Labush. Other programmes including staff lucky draw as well as the presentation of tokens of appreciation, mock cheque and awards were slotted in. Needless to say, a birthday song, sang in celebration of MPLEX’s 15th birthday, could never be missed on such special occasion.

By the end of the evening, tension in the air was prominent. Staff and guests, alike, paid full attention to the slot machine with their lucky chips tightly gripped. Lucky winners, who hit the jackpot, stood the chance to draw red packets, with random amount, from the lucky draw box. The dinner was a blast! Kudos to MPLEX and the organizing team for a magnificent evening!